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Peace Love Salt

Gua Sha Beauty Collection | doTERRA

Gua Sha Beauty Collection | doTERRA

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Gua Sha with Yarrow|Pom oil and serum

A combination of yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, Yarrow|Pom nourishes and soothes the skin. Yarrow essential oil revitalizes the skin and promotes the look of young and healthy skin, while pomegranate seed oil is rich in punicic acid and protects the skin.

Yarrow|Pom is a relatively viscous oil serum that takes its time to slowly soak and absorb into the skin, which will help your gua sha stone glide easily throughout the whole technique. Yarrow|Pom can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and give your skin a vibrant glow!


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